Supply Chain Vulnerability Analysis

A comprehensive analysis of key and single source vendors and the measures they have taken to protect your interests should they experience a disaster event. Recommendations on ways to enhance such protection are also provided.

Today there is an increasing national and global interdependence on other firms to provide the materials, services, transportation and other essentials for your organization. A disruption of any of the key “links” in the supply chain can result in an unanticipated outage.  This is especially true in situations where one or more critical components come from a unique or “single source” supplier.

Essentially this analysis poses the question: What have you done to protect me?  A disruption of a key provider is out of your control and yet may have a serious impact on your ability to stay in business.

The Supply Chain Vulnerability Analysis polls all of your key providers.  Its goal is to determine the steps and actions they have taken to assure the ongoing viability of their operations. The results of the analysis or compiled and presented to management along with recommendations to address any vulnerabilities identified.